Sunday Funday

What’s your favorite thing to do on Sunday? If you would have asked me this 20ish years ago, my favorite thing to do on Sunday would have been to get rid of the hangover caused by Saturday’s night out by drinking a Bloody Mary and eating something generally unhealthy but delicious. More than likely there would have been a feel better joint in there somewhere. I would also make sure my scrubs or whatever work outfit I was required to wear were clean. Oh to be young again.

Actually, I’m content at the age I’m at now. You couldn’t pay me to go back to my days of partying and hangovers. After a week of not only handling my own to do list but handling everything thrown my way that has to do with raising the kids as well (and keeping the husband focused on his) by Sunday I’m exhausted. This also includes keeping Ruby from falling off various surfaces in the house. I swear that kid will grow up to be an Olympic gymnast.

(Notice we keep the chairs away from the table because that just proved to be much too easy of an access point for Ruby to climb the table. It didn’t take her long to realize all she had to do was push the chair back to the table. One day there were no chairs anywhere near the table and she was still up there! I have no idea how she accomplished that, but I can assure you she was proud as hell of herself over it).

Who the hell am I kidding? I’m exhausted by Friday night for sure, and my Hashimoto’s doesn’t help much in that department either.

These days my Sunday looks like this (see photo below), and I’m BEYOND ok with it. A comfortable spot on the couch, binge watching something, and recuperating from the past week/rejuvenating for the upcoming week. Tomorrow will be a doozy most likely since I have to get up waaaayyyyy earlier than I normally do. I am not a morning person and I feel kind of bad for the people in the real estate class with me (I’m kidding…the morning monster only comes out if there’s no coffee and if my husband decides to ask 10,000,000 questions within the first 10 minutes of me opening my eyes).

Whether you are a homebody who prefers a chill day (like yours truly) or someone who can’t sit still and has to get out of the house, happy Sunday Funday to you my friend. You deserve it! 😊

PS-I’m always down for great movie or tv show suggestions!

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