Gardening: A Rite of Passage for Southern Women

We have tomatoes! At the beginning of spring, my grandmother gave me some plants because she knew we had an interest in growing our own food. I wanted to start small and see if I could successfully maintain a container garden on one of the decks of the house before I go super big and start designing a garden like Mr. MacGregor’s in the Peter Rabbit movie that recently came out – his garden is the shit! What if it turned out I loathed gardening? Planning an expensive and expansive back yard garden would have been a waste of that had been the case. Luckily, it is not!

Anyway, my grandmother gave us a tomato plant, a kale plant, and a cabbage plant. Then I bought the following plants at the local grocery store; Italian parsley, basil, & rosemary. At the same time I also bought a dragonfruit cactus on Etsy.

My tomato plant tends to get super thirsty since we live in the south and it is hot as hell right now. Actually I think it’s hotter than hell. (I almost passed out the other day from a heat stroke while biking the other day, but that’s another story). We’re not getting a lot of rain currently so I water her daily. Ruby LOVES to watch through the window and flinches then giggles when I splash the glass. The other two kids are quasi interested in gardening…but they may be expressing false sentiment just to make me happy. Maybe Ruby baby will be the one to garden with mama.

I wish someone would have told me years ago the joy that watching my tomatoes pop up from a little yellow flower bud would bring me. Next on the list, a jackfruit tree!

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