My Giant Shoe Purge

When we lived at our old house the closet space in the master left much to be desired, but in our new house closet space abounds. I thought it just looked like I had way too much stuff due to the lackluster storage, but realized that isn’t the case once I got settled into the new digs. There’s no denying it, I just have a lot of shit. And a lot of unnecessary shit. As I pulled out what felt like thousands of pairs of shoes, I realized three things.

1. I should consider changing my name to Imelda Marcos.

2. I may have a slight shopping addiction.

3. I am not even aware of half of the shoes that I own. They are ultimately boxed up wastes of space if I don’t even remember that I have them and can’t even see them amidst all of the chaos in the shoe closet to be able to remember.

I read this blog awhile back that was written by an early 20 something girl preaching to her peers about the beauty of living the minimalist life. She said a lot of silly things (IMO) including but not limited to, “Any house over 1600 sq ft is ridiculous and too large for anyone”. Clearly this broad has no children! More space (inside and out) is GOOD for large families, and keeps the sanity in check. Having the master bedroom away from the kids rooms also nurtures a healthy sex life which nurtures a happy marriage. I’m also a firm believer in being in tune with nature; growing your own food, being surrounded by beautiful flowers, and outdoor spaces. Land is kind of useful in that area.

On the other hand, clutter and hoarding have zero benefits. Going through these shoes ended up being a 3 hour process, and my body is beyond sore today! Once I had them all lined up, I counted 82 pairs. 82 fucking pairs! Dude, THAT is ridiculous.

While I used to be a heel wearing glamamom of 1, those days are long gone. I am the consumate homebody and would much rather be home with my family in “comfy” essentials than uncomfortably dressing to the nines to mingle with strangers in public. There is no place like home, seriously. Not to mention that these almost 40 year old feet much prefer cute loafers, oxfords, or any flat over heels now. Heels are reserved for special occasions, like date night. In fact, I’m pretty sure I can count on one hand how many times I’ve worn heels since Ruby was born last year. I also have no more patience for shoes that hurt my feet. IDGAF anymore. There are plenty of shoes that look super sexy that aren’t torture devices.

I’ve been using Thred Up as I go through and purge all of our closets. It’s a super easy process.

Late last night, after this task was finished I felt unburdened and like a weight had lifted off of me. It felt fantastic. Embrace the simple life. I’ll be totally transparent here. When I was younger I delighted at how much stuff I had. The variety was exciting. I find myself all of a sudden far from that feeling. I guess it was a gradual process of evolving that I have been unaware of. Possessions are like friends-quality over quantity. Also, unnecessary possessions don’t make you happy. While it’s nice to have nice things, those items aren’t the ultimate hallmark of happiness.

The three pictures above are the “afters” of my shoe closet. Before it was filled to the max and you couldn’t even walk in there.

“Joy comes not through possession or ownership but through a wise and loving heart.” -Buddha

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