A Royal Reassurance

This month wouldn’t be complete without posting about the royal wedding because the significance was beyond that of just a wedding. I will be honest here, I had no idea who Meghan Markle was until late last year when her engagement to Prince Harry was announced. Learning more about her as a person, I’m glad I now know who she is. I’d like to share my thoughts. Here goes…

America is currently in a state of immense turmoil. If your eyes are open and you are truly aware you won’t argue with this statement regardless of which political side you align with. Today represents SO MUCH MORE than just another royal wedding surrounded by global media coverage, traditional pomp and circumstance, and a modernized monarchy. Today is a happy day and should be viewed as such for the world; especially all of us as Americans. No matter what your situation or how you may be feeling about the current climate stateside, we can and will prevail. Even if this seems like the lowest of times in our lifetime, it can only go up from here.

I loved everything about the nuptials from the Queen’s willingness to let a biracial divorced American woman wed into the royal family to the gospel choir to the references to MLK Jr at the wedding. Once upon a time, a certain King abdicated his throne to the United Kingdom because he was unable to marry his divorced American girlfriend. It’s rumored Wallis Simpson was also a Nazi sympathizer which may have played into that whole situation, but he Edward still have up his throne to be with her nonetheless. Maybe the Queen has become enlightened watching the destruction of her children’s arranged and loveless marriages, leaving her wanting more for her grandchildren.

Meghan Markle, the beautiful bride that she is (and now a HRH) descended from slaves in the Deep South. Her great great great grandfather was a slave on a cotton farm in Jonesboro, Georgia. Jonesboro was also the setting of Tara in Gone With the Wind. I wonder what her distant great grandfather would have thought if someone told him down the line that his distant great granddaughter would become a legitimate royal with a title and everything. Disbelief followed by immense joy, I’m sure.

I also love how even before meeting Prince Harry she was already totally committed to making the world a better place. It’s quite refreshing to see a celebrity use their status for good, which is something she and Harry both embrace wholly. This is probably what drew them to each other.

Just when you think you can’t handle anymore terrible news we get this show of true love, happiness, inclusion, and positivity.

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