Spring Container Garden Project

The weather has been so unpredictable as of late. It’s either been cold or rainy, or both with a very random warm day thrown in. Occasionally we get outside to walk or ride bikes, but there’s nothing like the warmth of spring and summer that allows for outdoor play almost every day. We are really missing it.

*Pinterest image of a lovely front yard garden*

The kids and I were yearning to get outside and welcome spring. Even though spring came at the end of March, so did another cold snap. Both of my grandmother’s always told me to wait until after Easter to start my garden. I’ve never truly had a garden. We had plenty of yard at our old house and I even had plans to garden, but it never happened. I’ve always dreamed of having a gorgeous rose garden or a romantically magical garden like in the movie The Secret Garden. For some reason, it just never happened at the old house.

*Top: Pinterest image of roses

Bottom: Pinterest image of movie The Secret Garden*

This yard (at our new house) on the other hand, really speaks to me. Maybe it’s because I know we will be here for a very long time so it is safe to invest in landscaping/gardening. This shit is expensive, no kidding. With any luck my yard will look like Mr. McGregor’s garden from Peter Rabbit in 20 years or so, but I’m much more like Snow White than his mean spirited self.

*Pinterest image of Peter Rabbit in Harper’s Bazaar Magazine*

Something I’ve been wanting to teach the kids is how to grow food. Not only is it fun and useful, but a highly necessary life skill. To do that, they would need a crash course on planting things. We can start learning about gardening by filling up our porches with colorful container plants. I decided to merge our need for outdoor warmth, gardening, and we could get in a science lesson and an art lesson out of it.

*Pinterest veggie garden inspiration.*

Off we went to the local gardening center for supplies. We bought planters and organic soil. I let the kids each pick out plants they wanted to plant. Carmen likes variegated plants, while Gabriel was fond of French Marigolds. Believe it or not, they actually had a lot of fun reading the specifics of each plant. We left the gardening center with a plethora of flora and a massive dent in my Moschino wallet.

*Top: Carmen with Ruby at the local gardening center.

Bottom: Gabriel talking about the difference between annuals and perennials.*

I have a ton of art supplies on hand at all times. You never know when creativity may strike. Carmen opted out and Ruby was more interested in the pots and pans in the kitchen, so that left Gabriel and I to start our container gardening project. We hand painted a bunch of planters. Once they dried, I sprayed them with a sealer. By this time it was already 11:00pm, so I left the planters outside to fully dry. The spray must have set fairly quickly, because it started raining about twenty minutes later. Luckily the paint didn’t streak or run at all.

*Gabriel hand painting containers.*

*A line up of our finished hand painted planters.*

The next day, we went to the porch and Gabriel helped transplant some of our beautiful flowers from store containers to the ones we prepared.

“Can we play music?” he asked.

He chose to listen to Notorious BIG, the clean versions of course. I accidentally slipped up and sang the bad words every now and then. He looked at me wide eyed, then we laughed! By the way, this was also his music choice when we painted the containers. He’s definitely my son the way he loves 90s rap.

*Planting day*

An hour must have felt like an eternity to him, so he ditched me around that time. The dogs stayed and kept me company. Three more hours and two Lana del Rey albums later, I was done. It took me longer than normal, but I really wanted to be super gentle with each plant and make it almost like a ritual. I find it intensely calming to be in nature- promoting life, growth, and beauty. It gives me that super stress free feeling like yoga or meditation. Hopefully this nature induced euphoria lasts awhile.

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